Hair Care Routine

Recently I updated my hair care routine and I thought I should share it with you all. I should mention I have long, straight, relatively healthy, dark brown hair, that doesn’t hold a curl wear well and can tend to become very lifeless and heavy feeling. Also, my hair will take three days to fully air dry, and will feel strange and dirty after it does air dry, so i always blow dry it. These are something I do to help add life and make it lighter. 

Starting off with washing my hair. I wash my hair every two days, as my hair becomes too dry if I do it any more, and too greasy if any less. I typically use any shampoo but I care more about conditioner. Lately I have been using Head and Shoulders Apple Fresh shampoo (mainly because the scent is amazing!) and Treseme conditioner.

I then brush my hair with my Tangle Teaser (the best brush money can buy) and apply mouse. I blow dry my hair upside down to add volume at the roots and to make sure all of my hair is dry from root to tip. Usually if this is before bed, I will apply some Herbal Essences leave in conditioner to make my ends look healthy and smell wonderful. 

When I go to sleep, I try to either sleep with my hair down or in a soft material hair tie. Sleeping in regular hair ties leaves me with dents I will have to straighten out and damaged looking hair, as well as knotty hair. 

As fair as heat styling goes, I straighten my hair a lot, to get rid of dents and frizz, and curl/wave my hair on occasion and when I do this will use Treseme heat protecting spray to protect my hair and Treseme hair spray to hold any curl or wave I manage in my hair. The tools I use are Nikki Clarke wide plated straightening iron and Treseme waving wand for curls or waves. 

And that’s it! I obviously have days where I don’t heat style my hair so don’t use hairspray or some other products but that tends to be the usual for me! What does your daily hair routine consist of? Leave me a comment down below and like this if you got any tips. Also comment any post ideas and I’ll be sure to respond. Thanks for reading!

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Mascara Favs :) 

So lately I’ve been trying a few Mascaras to add to my collection. I have three favourites, two new and one a strong favourite. Let’s jump in shall we! 

Benefit They’re Real mascara

This mascara adds length, volume in the blackest colour. I’ve used it for ages now, and for a while I wouldn’t leave the house without it on. You can apply a light coat for semi-natural looking lashes or a few couts for lashes reminiscent of false lashes! It is versatile and dries quickly which is perfect for people like me that wear glasses and find it difficult to walk about with no glasses on until your mascara dries so it doesn’t go all over your lenses!!

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes mascara

This mascara gives length and volume unbelievably!! It’s a mascara and fibre duo which looks incredible. As I recently got contact lenses it really makes me eyes pop, but I can’t wear this with my glasses as my eyelashes are just too long! To apply the mascara you apply the black mascara, then fibres, and finish with another coat of the mascara. A great dramatic mascara.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara

This mascara is great for everyday wear as it has separation and length. My lashes can look clumpy but not with this mascara. It’s easy to apply everyday and quickly run out the door. Perfect!!

These are just some of my favourites about at the moment. Thanks for reading!

AxStyle xXx

Hollister Body Sprays 

Second post today but thought I might as well write something. This post is about one of my favourite things in the entire world, Body Sprays from Hollister. 

I have seven although there are only three in the picture, and I want to talk about three different scents : Cresent Bay, Solana Beach and Palasides Beach. 

Cresent Bay

This bright pink spray has a sweet, sugary scent. I finished a whole bottle of this scent in just a few months because I love it so much. Although I will say, this scent doesn’t appeal to everyone, I get many compliments when wearing it and I love catching the scent on myself throughout the day. Hollister’s website describes this scent as watermelon and sugary woods. I agree!!

Solana Beach

This baby blue mist has a fruity and floral scent. Hollister describes it as Raspberry and Jasmine, and this scent reminds me of blue raspberry sweets from when I was little. This is possibly my favourite scent, I adore it! It always gets compliments and most people I know love it too!

Palasides Beach

This baby pink spray has a sweet, fruity scent. It is described as Fresh Kiwi and Peach, and this is one of my favourite scents on me. I bring it with me everywhere I go, as the scent is liked by lots of people and is perfect for this time of year. The scent is a lighter and fruiter version of Cresent Bay, but they are still both beautiful scents on their own. I love this one!!

These sprays nots only smell fab but they’re so handy as the bottles are plastic and not glass. I find that it’s easier to carry plastic bottles than glass perfume bottles.

So that was just quick but I felt I might aswell get something up. Talk soon.

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Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry for not posting in a few months but i really needed a while to think. I’ve been very busy and stressed and was finding very little time for myself, and when everything became a little bit easier I had time to think about whether i wanted to continue posting on a less regular bases due to my new life after  moving. I’ve decided I have had my blog for too long to just give up, and my followers would rather see some content every now and then than not at all.

So I’m not going to have a schedule but I think I’ll be posting when i have free time or feel really creative and need to express it.

I thought I should let everyone know I will continue posting, I just need to find more time and reconnect with my creative side. But don’t worry, I have many more exciting posts coming up, including reviews, OOTDs and lots more random posts!!

So follow my blog if you want to keep up with all the exciting stuff coming to AxStyle blog, thankyou for everyone that has stuck by me, follow my twitter @axstyle to keep up with the new posts and random extras!

Talk soon!

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Recent purchases :)

Just thought id do a Recent Purchases post as I got something’s recently. Like for a review on any of these. Let’s gooooo!

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

I picked up this mascara to try something different an liked that it had two brushes in one. I have heard amazing things about it and having tried it a few times I think it’s very good.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

I prefer felt tip eyeliner pens so when I saw this I was drawn to it. So far I like the tip but I am not 100% sure on how pigmented it is. I will get back to you when I have tried it more.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in First Date

I love these lip glosses and had to get another. I chose this colour because it was light but pigmented and perfect for day and night. These are fast becoming my favourite lip glosses.

Botanics Rose Water Toning Spritz

I was looking for a new toner and was drawn to this one because it was in a spray bottle. I had never tried this brand before but am quite liking it. The rose water smell is delicate but sweet and a lovely addition to my Skincare routine.

Stila In The Light palette

I got this recently and already have a blog post on this, so click here to read that.

So that was pretty much everything. Again, like or comment for reviews on any of these and I will see you all later:)

AxStyle xx


First Impressions – Stila In The Light Palette



Hello everyone! This is the second time I’ve typed this. The whole thing deleted itself a minute ago… Anyway, I hope you had a lovely summer!

So I recently bought the Stila In The Light Palette and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all.

So to start, I love the packaging. I think it’s perfect for travelling and quite pretty 🙂
So the eyeshadows themself are perfect. They are soft and extremely pigmented, plus the names are super cute. The palette has four matte shades and six frosts. It has a highlight shade, matte browns for blending, frosts for the lid and a matte black for smokey looks. This palette also has one of Stila’s most popular shades, Kitten. The palette also comes with Stila Smudge Stick in Damsel, a dark brown shade which is perfect for a range of looks.

Overall, I would recomend this product to anyone looking for something new and exciting to try!
So this was a little short but expect more posts soon!

Talk later
AxStyle x

Summer 2014

So summer is upon us once again! That means better weather, bright colours and the beach. All very good things!
-before I start I should probably tell you this isn’t really a beauty related post, I just wanted to talk to you all-

So weather you’re travelling or not, summer can be (and most of the time is) fun for everyone. In summer I could be walking down the street and more people seem to have a smile on their face. I don’t know if it’s the weather, the time off work, the holidays or the ice cream but Summer seems to put most people into a great mood, including me.

Last year I made a ‘Summer Bucket List’ of things I wanted to do before summer ended. I loved it and might write another for this year. Like if you would like to see a blog post on that! That was a way to get more out of my summer. It had things like ‘go for a long walk on the beach’ and ‘eat a lot of ice cream’, just little things that were fun and reminded me to have fun In Summer.

So this was short but I thought I’d put down my thoughts for you all! I promise a new beauty post will be up soon! Talk then
AxStyle xxx

Pretty In Pink:)

It will come as no surprise to you that I am a big fan of all things pink. Especially lip products.
So today I thought if talk I you about a few of my top favourite pink products:)

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold

This is so pretty. The colour works so well with my next pink product and doesn’t make your eyes look swollen. It’s pigmented and extremely creamy. It’s easy to work with and blend, plus you don’t have to use any other eyeshadows when you use it. You can just pop it on the lid, blend towards te crease and you have a great eyeshadow look! I love this so much and the other colours are good aswell.


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Oh my, this palette is the bomb. It is so fantastic I can hardly put it into words… But let me try; it has a variety of rose gold shades which are highly pigmented and has 3 matte shades for variety. The majority of the shades are ‘frost’ formulation but some are more glitter based. They are easy to blend and most of them don’t make your eyes look swollen (watch out for a few…) but on the whole a very stunning palette with gorgeous shades.
So not that hard to put into words I guess, haha!


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm in Pink Punch

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before but this has been my go to lip colour ever since I finished my Revlon Lip butter in Cotton Candy. It is very moisturising and adds a nice amount of colour to your lips. Like the name suggests, it leaves your lips baby soft and I would also recomend Cherry Me from the same line if you like more daring colours. Oh, and it smells like strawberries which is also a plus!


Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Picnic in the Park

I still can’t get over how amazingly Tanya did with these Lip glosses. They are probably one of my top 3 favorite lip gloss brands now! I mentioned them in my April Favourites and I still love this lip gloss to pieces. It isn’t sticky, it’s creamy and very pigmented. It also smells delicious and this colour is particularly gorgeous!


So that was that! Hope you enjoyed and leave below in the comments what kind of posts you want to see in the future!
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Disclaimer : title picture was designed by me but the background picture and overlay DO NOT belong to me. The product pictures do belong to me.

Morning Routine – Blog Style :)

So a while back ( Feburary ) I made a Night Routine post and promised to do a Morning Rouitne later in the month. Well, 5 months later I finally got around to doing it! This will be quite vague as all my mornings are quite different, depending on what I have to do that day but I’ll let you in on what happens on a typical morning.

So I wake up to the sweet sound of my alarm clock buzzing in my ear. Okay, not that sweet. I’m not much of a morning person so I will admit, I have to set 3 or 4 alarms in the morning just to make sure I wake up! But once that is over and I’m awake the first thing I do is eat breakfast. There is nothing better than food and a cup of tea.

So then I will wash my face, my favourite gentle face washes recently have been the Nivea Cleansing Mousse face wash and Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash. The Nivea one makes my skin feel very clean and the Clean and Clear really wakes up my skin. I will have a shower in the morning if I didn’t have one that night.


After that I choose my outfit. This really depends on where I’m going, but today I decided to wear Primark Leggings and a Primark Casual Top as I didn’t have much planned.

Makeup and hair dependes on what I’m doing although most of the time my hair is usally just straight. I always apply Nivea Light Moisturising Day Cream and Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm. If you want to see a ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look or an Everyday Makeup Look click either of those links. Today I went with my Everyday Makeup Look! For hair I (like I said) just kept it straight.


Then I can face the day! So thank you for reading and I hope this was fun and interesting. Like if you enjoyed this slightly differnt post and I’ll talk to you soon!
AxStyle 🙂 xXx

P.S. I love when you guys comment and give me feedback on posts or interact with me about my post! Make my day and leave a comment below! 🙂

Quick Review – Maybelline The Falsies Flared Volume Express Mascara



Time for another review in under 50 words! Today I will be reviewing Mabelline’s The Falsies Flared Volume Express mascara. Lets go…

So this mascara is great. Its super black and doesn’t clump. It holds a curl and gives a natural but bold look to my lashes. This mascara helps to separate my lashes and it is the perfect all around mascara for me. 

So that was a super quick post but I had to tell you about this fab product. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

AxStyle xXx